Maw of the Deep

The Elven Trader

Sorja, elven traveler, is willing to transport the gang to the Queen’s wood if they act as his guard. He needs the protection to sell Tonnok root, a rarity that’s forbidden to export from the elven woods.

His contact Atlan Barnabas, a privateer from the Western sea intends to rip off the elf and steal the supply of Tonnok along with the Tabernacle Spire that the elf possesses. Suspecting this trechary, Sorja and his twin brother Hefta intend to get the jump on Barnabas but those plans are interrupted when the gang starts trouble in a popular Concord bar, beginning with a duel between Shoal and a traveling Knight that escalates into a street brawl.

Daylight fades as Barnabas’ thugs begin to close in during the night, giving chase as the heroes take flight to the north along with brothers Sorja and Hefta. The group is confronted by Barnabas and his hired swords, where he kills Hefta in an attempt to take the Tabernacle Spire but is slain as well by the heroes.


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